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Gift Idea for a New Breast Feeding Mama

Thinking about what to give a NEW Mom and/or newborn this year? From gifts moms will love to baby must-have essentials Walmart has what you are looking for! I put together this basket of goodies as a gift for a new mommy who is breast feeding. Lots of goodies she AND baby are sure to […]

Save Money AND Help Us ALL Live Better – CleanPath Cleaning Supplies – a Sustainable Innovation

Recently I was introduced to a new line of cleaning products that I thought was really smart. I had to share them with you! Meet the CleanPath cleaning supplies line.  CleanPath is an innovation from a dad who was ironing one day and had an epiphany: we are paying good money for disposable bottles and […]

Non-Toxic, Non-Stick Cookware

Over the past several years of blogging on WholesomeMommy.com I’ve gotten quite a few emails from readers asking me to recommend cookware.  In particular, many are looking for a non-stick pan that can replace their old Teflon plans since there has been a lot of news about how it can be toxic and has even […]

Pitch The Plastics and Go For Glass

Have you made the switch yet?  I’m talking about the switch in your kitchen, from plastic to glass.  If not, I hope this article will help you see why you should and how you can do it affordably.  We have gradually made the switch until almost ALL of my plastic is gone. I’m so excited […]

Organizing Kids Craft Supplies – No Longer Out of Control!

My kids and I have amassed a large collection of art supplies.  Obviously, from the picture above you can see that our organizational system (ie: a basket and a box) was not working so well.  The craft supplies were taking over my laundry room, I was tripping over them, and my 1 year old thinks […]

Walmart Sustainability: Save Money, Live Better

I’ve been a Walmart Mom now for over 3 years and during that time period I’ve had the opportunity to get an inside look at Walmart.  I’ve been to headquarters in Bentonville, Arkansas 3 or 4 times and I’ve had the oppotunity to meet head executives and have discussions with them about how they can […]

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle FUN for Kidlets

At our house we try to look at items before we toss them out to find out if there is something else we can repurpose them for.  Sometimes containers can be reused for storage or craft projects or other things.  I’ve got a whole file folder full or fun crafts that children can make and […]

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