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Save Money AND Help Us ALL Live Better – CleanPath Cleaning Supplies – a Sustainable Innovation

Clean Path Step by Step Process from WholesomeMommy.com

Recently I was introduced to a new line of cleaning products that I thought was really smart. I had to share them with you! Meet the CleanPath cleaning supplies line.  CleanPath is an innovation from a dad who was ironing one day and had an epiphany: we are paying good money for disposable bottles and [...]

Room Refresh – Clean, Purge, Repurpose, and Decorate

Before the Refresh Collage from WholesomeMommy.com

I think you can safely say nesting has commenced. I’ve been cleaning a room at a time in my house…deep cleaning.  I’ve joked that I should have a new baby every few years to make sure my house gets the deep cleaning it needs. {Only joking for those concerned family members reading!}.  I’ve got a [...]

Natural – Chemical Free Pest Control

Chemical Free Pest Control from WholesomeMommy.com

Did you know that you don’t have to use harmful chemicals to keep pests at bay?  I know with two children in the home I don’t want anything lying around that could cause them harm.  But just leaving the containers within reach isn’t the only concern. Many chemical pest control options are harmful if touched [...]

Spring Cleaning to Create Jobs


Have you finished your spring cleaning yet?  Need a little motivation? I’ve got plenty!  Did you know you can help create jobs AND help your bottom line {can you say tax deduction?} come tax time just by giving your old stuff to a charity like Goodwill?  Yep. It’s true… and I’ve got the details and [...]

How I Use My Essential Oils on a Typical Day

Day In The Life of an Oiler With Border

Many of you have expressed interest in how I use the essential oils I talk about on the Facebook page. I’ve written a few posts about specific uses for some of the oils in my own “arsenal.” But, today I want to share with you just a typical day with essential oils. I use the [...]

Overcoming the Obstacles of Green Cleaning

Green Cleaning on a Budget From WholesomeMommy.com

As a family we have made an STRONG effort to kick chemicals out or home for the last 3 years.  During that time, I have had a BIG learning curve to overcome as well as trouble finding products to replace the toxic ones that STILL WORK.  I’ve tried MANY brands – and at times, spared [...]

Chemical Free Cleaning on the Cheap!

Chemical Free Cleaning on the Cheap

Have you kicked the chemicals out of your home? Are you spending an arm and a leg on chemical free or “green” cleaners? Yeah. I used to too. And, then I’d still worry about whether or not the house was REALLY clean. Did it kill the germs on the toilet? Will the clothes SMELL clean? [...]

Homemade Chemical Free Detergent in 5 minutes

laundry detergent 2

Homemade laundry detergent is nothing new. There are TONS of recipes online. Each time I saw a recipe though, I would guffaw at the thought of making my own laundry detergent.  It seemed absurd to me the length of time and energy people put into making their own to save money.  I just wasn’t willing [...]

Closet Overhaul


I’ve been cleaning up a few trouble spots in my house lately {did you see my post on organizing my bathroom cabinets and the one on capturing my kids crafts supplies?}  My mom and I were brainstorming on what to tackle next and she told me she really had been wanting to clean up her [...]

Organizing Kids Craft Supplies – No Longer Out of Control!


My kids and I have amassed a large collection of art supplies.  Obviously, from the picture above you can see that our organizational system (ie: a basket and a box) was not working so well.  The craft supplies were taking over my laundry room, I was tripping over them, and my 1 year old thinks [...]

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