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What Sun Screen Are You Using – Episencial – A Review

On June 14th of this year the the US Food and Drug Administration finally released new rules about sunscreen (after 33 years!!) to help clarify label confusion and reduce illegitimate product claims. Here’s the breakdown: In order to use the term” broad spectrum,” sunscreens must protect equally against both UVB and UVA rays. Sunscreen manufacturers […]

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Changes in Personal Care

Slowly but surely we’ve been ditching the chemicals around our home.  Already, I have cleaned out my cleaning cabinet and replaced my old chemical cleaners with natural ones.  Some of them were store bought from the Ecostore, Seventh Generation, or Charlie’s Soap and other are homemade, made from a few simple ingredients. But, cleaning products […]

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At Last, a Natural Deodorant That Works – Soapwalla Deodorant Cream

I’ve been on a quest for healthier personal care products.  I’ve been reading labels and reading articles and trying to determine what is safest to buy and what to stay away from.  If you’re new to shopping for safe and healthy cosmetics and personal care check out the Environmental Working Group’s site, Skin Deep.  Their […]

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The Story of Cosmetics

Annie Leonard of The Story of Stuff released the short video The Story of Cosmetics and its been blazing around the blogosphere and Twitter like wild fire. If you wash your hair and body on a regular basis, or use any type of makeup or personal care product, this is a must-see! It’s very easy […]

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