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Outdoor Entertaining – Rio 2 Party

Rio 2 Inspired Outdoor Entertaining by WholesomeMommy.com

My kids were super excited about having a couple of families over to watch the new Rio 2 movie. I love family movie nights – and any good excuse to entertain some good friends.  We started planning earlier in the week to make our party a little extra special, but not too crazy out of [...]

Hats Off to Reading – Celebrating Dr. Seuss

Cat in the Hat for Dr. Seuss Day

It’s Dr. Seuss’ birthday today! Even though this incredible author has passed, his legacy lives on through his timeless books that are treasured by my children and children everywhere. Today is a day to read with your children and celebrate everything Seuss! From green eggs and ham for breakfast, to book reading during the quiet [...]

Epic New Year’s Eve Party for Kids – in a SNAP!

Epic New Year's Eve Kid's Party from WholesomeMommy.com

Do you celebrate New Year’s?  I’ve heard that a large number of parents have opted out now that there are kids in the family.  But, I have a few ideas about how you can celebrate New Year’s Eve in a big way right at home.  Maybe it won’t be quite the same as how you [...]

Hot Chocolate Party – A Fun Party for Kids to Create

Hot Chocolate Party  2

Last Friday night we hosted a hot chocolate party for my kids and a few of their friends.  We had a lot of fun together and it actually wasn’t that hard to pull off.  If you are thinking of hosting a simple party to for kids this winter, this theme isn’t “time sensitive” and would [...]

Thanksgiving Tablescape – Heirloom with Modern

Thanksgiving Tablescape - Country & Classic

Do you need some inspiration for your table setting this Thanksgiving? I’ve got a few ideas that I put together that I think you’ll find easy enough to replicate. First off, my style is simplistic. I like things clean and classic. I am also on a budget, so using things I have on hand in [...]

Simple, Nature Inspired Fall Tablescape

Nature Inspired Tablescape for Fall

It is finally here.  Fall.  My favorite time of year.  Although, each year my complaint here in Georgia is that the season doesn’t last nearly long enough. It seems we have a terribly long summer and a week or two of fall before old man winter shows up. So, in light of the season, I [...]

Real Parties: Disney Cars Back To School Party

decorations for Cars party

This weekend I hosted a “Back to School” party for a few of Judah’s friends.  While all of our friends don’t attend the same school, we have all officially started back to school here.  So, in order to celebrate a new school year – another milestone in our lives- we decided to have a simple [...]

A Real Food Education Party

more real food party guests

A couple of weekends ago I hosted my first local Real Food party.  It was a blast.  I enjoyed sharing what I know about real food and hearing from two other ladies, Glenda and Susan, about stockpiling, food dehydration, and canning. To start the party, we enjoyed some wholesome party foods and lunch – tuna [...]

Real Party: Backyard Theater

backyard theater

My family hosted a backyard theater party two weeks ago and we’re looking forward to hosting many more!  It was so much fun to get to watch a good movie with close friends. While my husband and mom were in charge of making the movie screen and my dad took the lead in the AV [...]

What You Need to Host a Backyard Movie Theater Party


Did you see my post about how to build an outdoor movie screen?  I’m building up to a post on how we hosted our own Backyard Theater Party.  So, now that you are in the loop… I have had some questions about how I pulled this off and of course the big, “how much did [...]

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