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Enjoying Fall with a Nature Walk

If you have school children-aged children, are a crafter, or had a mother who was a sewer or crafter, you are probably familiar with the Fiskars brand of scissors. As a public school teacher, I bought MANY pairs of scissors for my students to use of the years and recommended the brand when parents were […]

Simple Kid Craft: Sponge Boats

Are your kids going to be on spring break soon?  It may be hard to believe since many of you are still weathering the snow!  But, spring break IS happening…and not everyone has the funds to jump in the car and hit the tropical locale. So, what’s a parent to do with all the kids […]

Easy Clay Jewelry Craft for Kids – A Cabin Fever Buster

After all this cold and snowy weather we’ve had the kids and I decided to do a little crafting to help us cure our cabin fever.  Getting busy on a fun craft really helps pass the time for the kiddos and me! And, my kids are crazy about making crafts…especially if it involves play dough […]

Bird Seed Biscuits: A Fun Winter Craft for Kids

The kids and I have been talking about animals and the things they do in the winter time.  Judah was particularly interested in birds.  He sees the birds that hang out around the restaurants downtown in the spring and summer.  They swoop down and eat the bread crumbs and the kids love watching them while […]

Epic New Year’s Eve Party for Kids – in a SNAP!

Do you celebrate New Year’s?  I’ve heard that a large number of parents have opted out now that there are kids in the family.  But, I have a few ideas about how you can celebrate New Year’s Eve in a big way right at home.  Maybe it won’t be quite the same as how you […]

Hot Chocolate Party – A Fun Party for Kids to Create

Last Friday night we hosted a hot chocolate party for my kids and a few of their friends.  We had a lot of fun together and it actually wasn’t that hard to pull off.  If you are thinking of hosting a simple party to for kids this winter, this theme isn’t “time sensitive” and would […]

Dinosaur Bath Bombs – Healthy Fun

Are you looking for a simple and fun gift to give some kiddos you know?  These dinosaur bath bombs are so easy you could make a batch with your kids to give to friends OR make a batch yourself during nap time, to give your own kids!  But there is even more magic in these […]

Simple DIY Thanksgiving Photo Card Idea

Do you have family members that live far away that won’t be able to join you for the holidays? Here’s a thoughtful idea that won’t take you long at all and is easy on the wallet. This simple photo card idea uses your child’s holiday art work to make a keepsake for a grandparent, aunt, […]

Fun Chemical Free “Jelly Soap” for Kids

Looking for something fun to do with you kids?  Judah and I had so much fun making this “jelly” soap made from all natural, chemical free ingredients! It is wiggly and jiggly just like Jell-O.  So much fun to play with and it makes a great sudsy soap for washing up too! My kids LOVE […]

Kid Craft: Make You’re Own Wall Art Canvases

I am so excited about this little project.  It took us 1 afternoon and we had so much fun!  The cost for the canvas {DIY} was just $1.50! – To do the paint project, you’ll spend only $4 with tape & paint to spare for another project. Here’s what you’ll need a cheap 8×10 picture […]

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