Hot Chocolate Party – A Fun Party for Kids to Create

Hot Chocolate Party  2

Last Friday night we hosted a hot chocolate party for my kids and a few of their friends.  We had a lot of fun together and it actually wasn’t that hard to pull off.  If you are thinking of hosting a simple party to for kids this winter, this theme isn’t “time sensitive” and would [...]

Dinosaur Bath Bombs – Healthy Fun

Dinosaur Egg Bath Bombs for kids - from

Are you looking for a simple and fun gift to give some kiddos you know?  These dinosaur bath bombs are so easy you could make a batch with your kids to give to friends OR make a batch yourself during nap time, to give your own kids!  But there is even more magic in these [...]

Easy Snowman Holiday Decor {or Giftable} in 30 Minutes

Stenciling the Burlap Holiday Decor

So I like easy. I have two children, ages 2 and 4, if I’m going to decorate, make a craft, do something artsy, it has to either be something they can help with, or something that can be done during nap time! This holiday craft totally fits the bill, PLUS since it is both CHEAP [...]

Simple DIY Burlap Home Decor

Burlap Canvases

Are your walls bare?  Need something cute to hang on the front door before all those guests arrive on Thanksgiving day? I’ve got a simple DIY solution that ANYONE can do and it won’t cost you a fortune like BUYING fancy wall art will. I found these awesome burlap canvases at Walmart.  They come in [...]

Simple, Nature Inspired Fall Tablescape

Nature Inspired Tablescape for Fall

It is finally here.  Fall.  My favorite time of year.  Although, each year my complaint here in Georgia is that the season doesn’t last nearly long enough. It seems we have a terribly long summer and a week or two of fall before old man winter shows up. So, in light of the season, I [...]

Handmade Lavender Soap

country woman magazine

I just received the August/September issue of Country Woman magazine.  Are you familiar with this magazine?  I had not seen it before and immediately went to my mom to ask her if she had heard of it after I read this issue from cover to cover.  It was so good.  The magazine articles were nearly [...]

Kid Craft: Make You’re Own Wall Art Canvases

make your own canvas

I am so excited about this little project.  It took us 1 afternoon and we had so much fun!  The cost for the canvas {DIY} was just $1.50! – To do the paint project, you’ll spend only $4 with tape & paint to spare for another project. Here’s what you’ll need a cheap 8×10 picture [...]

How to Build an Outdoor Movie Screen

how to build an outdoor movie screen

I’ve been wanting to host a backyard movie night/backyard theater for a long, long, long, LONG time.  I mean like as in while we were building our house.  I could envision it.  Problem was, I couldn’t AFFORD it.  After a little research, some help from my talented staff {hahaha!  not really…my mom, dad, and husband}, [...]

Cantaloupe & Vanilla Bean Jam

cantaloupe and vanilla bean jam

I recently ran across this unusual jam recipe in the Better Homes and Gardens Canning Magazine while I was on vacation and doing some “leisure” reading.  I am determined to conquer my fear of canning.  Of course I am exaggerating.  I have had some experience canning and preserving – but most of it was looking [...]

More Ideas for the Fourth of July

fourth of july kabobs

Are you looking for ways to decorate or find dishes to serve at your next July 4th bash?  Whether you are keeping it low key or doing it up big, I’ve got lots of fun, simple and delicious ways to incorporate Georgia Blueberries into your patriotic theme this Fourth of July.  Go check out my [...]

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