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Sunday School: How I Buy Fruits and Veggies Beyond the Dirty Dozen and Clean Fifteen

I’ve had a few people ask me about the fruits and veggies that I buy. Which veggies are most important to buy organic? What about the fruits and veggies that aren’t on the clean 15 list? Which is better to buy: organic or local? So, I’m hoping I can answer all these questions and some […]

Soy is NOT a Health Food

Have you been duped by media and advertising into thinking soy is a health food?  Don’t worry, you’re not alone.  Millions of dollars have been spent to convince Americans that soy is a health food and healthy replacement for all sorts of things: meat, milk, dairy, etc. In fact, most vegetarian and vegan processed products […]

Reading to Guide Your Own Whole Food Journey

This give away is closed.  Melanie {#7} you are the winner of the Rich Food, Poor Food book!  Congratulations!  Look for an email from me about shipping. 😉 I have read lots of material on real food.  There is so much to learn if you are just willing to dig around.  Its always helpful to […]

Sunday School: GMOs and “Frankenfish”

This is the second edition of “Sunday School.”  This is a series I began as part of my whole food journey to keep you informed of the research and learning that I’ve been doing from week to week.  As always, it may be a bunny trail because that’s how I think {I’ve got two little […]

My Whole Food Journey: What I Buy Organic & Why

I get a lot of questions about what I buy at the grocery store. Which items do I buy organic and why?  Organic foods can be more expensive and we all know that budgets are tight.  So what should you spend your hard earned dollars on?  Here’s a run down of the items I buy […]

My Whole Food Journey 3.3.13 – Sunday School

I thought it might be good to share what I’ve been learning this week.  It’ll be a rabbit trail…that’s how I roll.  But, if you’re on this whole food journey with me these are things you might also like to know. First, I baked some homemade English Muffins.  I have the recipe here on my […]

My Whole Food Journey 2.24.13 – My “Sorta” Whole Foods Fridge

Welcome to my kitchen   I thought it might good to start my whole food journey off again by showing you what is in my fridge today.  Why?  Because I am embarking on the whole food journey once again and this time I am going to get even more serious. I learned a lot about […]

Flashback Friday: My Whole Food Journey 4.25.10

 This is a post from almost three years ago.  I have been rereading some of the posts I wrote here in the beginning – My Whole Food Journey- as a way to reevaluate what I am doing now and what I could be doing differently.  A lot has happened with my family in the past […]

Flashback – What Kind of Milk Should I Be Buying?

The following is a repost of a post I wrote a year and half ago.  It is interesting to me to go back and reread why I am making the decisions I am STILL making.  And, all of these things still hold true for my family.  It occurred to me that there are more people […]

Pink Slime in Your School Lunch? Just Say No.

Bettina Siegel, a lawyer and mother to two school-aged kids, started a petition to get the USDA to cancel its order of over 7 million tons of “pink slime” to put in school lunches ASAP, and it’s gaining national attention. What is Pink Slime and Why is It In My Kid’s Lunch? “Pink slime” is […]

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