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Urbini Touri Travel System Review

Urbini Touri Travel System from WholesomeMommy.com

This will be my third time around.  I have owned, tried, and tested a TON of baby gear.  At this point, with the third baby, I know what I want, I know what I like, and know what I HAVE to have.  I have had so many different strollers that it is a joke now.  [...]

St Patrick’s Day Lucky Rainbow Cupcakes

Lucky Cupcakes - simple buttercream frosting

St Patrick’s Day is March 17th.  Just around the corner. Are you doing something special for the special people in your life?  For me, it is cupcakes…any excuse to have them. They are my secret addiction. Its just as much the buttery cake as it is the simple homemade buttercream frosting. My frosting only calls [...]

Home Schooling my Preschooler – What DO we DO?

Home School for Preschool from WholesomeMommy.com

Last month, we decided to home school our son. It was a much debated over, prayerful decision. Most of the debating happened internally. Inside me. I REALLY wrestled with the idea. If you’ve been getting to know me through this blog or you know me in real life, you know that I was a public [...]

Not So Random Acts of Kindness

Not so Random Acts of Kindness From WholesomeMommy.com

During this season many of us look for ways to help others. If you haven’t already begun to see posts about random acts of kindness, you surely will!  I love to see people helping others, even strangers!  Let’s not forget though, that this is not the only season that people need help.  Now, I am [...]

Sunglasses Are More than Just a Fashion Statement

World Vision Day

Last week, I was asked to join a webinar with The Vision Council and Dr. Desiree Carrillo to discuss World Vision Day {October 10th} and the importance of getting regular eye examinations and wearing protective eye gear {such as sunglasses}.  I decided to join in because I know how serious one’s vision can be. My [...]

Crazy For Jake and the Neverland Pirates


Are your kids fans of the hit series on Disney Junior, Jake and the Neverland Pirates, as much as my two are?  Judah {my 4 year old} has been crazy about the show since it began and more recently my 2 year old GIRL has become obsessed with it! We DVR every episode because when [...]

Affordable Soccer Gear for Family Fun

Soccer Gear at Walmart

Are your kiddos playing soccer?  Soccer is a favorite among the little ones and it is great exercise!  My youngest played baseball {tot ball} for the first time this spring and we were really looking forward to playing soccer this fall since he enjoyed baseball so much.  But, the youngest league here is for 5 [...]

Backyard Camping with Young Children

roasting marshmallows

The weather is {finally} begin to cool off and it won’t be long until we’re complaining about how cold it is!   As the weather starts to cool down a bit it means we can think about camping again here in the south.  It is just to dang hot to sleep in a tent in [...]

Affordable Back To School Clothes

Walmart Back to School Clothes

As I’m sure you are aware, I am part of the Walmart Mom’s program.  I get asked a lot how this fits with what I am currently doing.  The fact is, I still shop at Walmart…a lot.  It is the closest store to me since I live in the middle of nowhere!  I am able [...]

Real Parties: Disney Cars Back To School Party

decorations for Cars party

This weekend I hosted a “Back to School” party for a few of Judah’s friends.  While all of our friends don’t attend the same school, we have all officially started back to school here.  So, in order to celebrate a new school year – another milestone in our lives- we decided to have a simple [...]

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