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Carrot Cake Cream Pies

Healthy After School Snacks

Today’s snack is AWESOME! It is a bunch of healthy ingredients that taste like CARROT CAKE.  Mmmm…. So good.  You know those Little Debbie Cakes that everyone has lovely memories of about enjoying them as a kid?  Yeah, me too.  Have you read the ingredients lately?  Yeah…me too. :( If you loved oatmeal cream pies these are going to ROCK YOUR SOCKS OFF!  These have the texture of an oatmeal cream pie but with all the flavors of carrot cake – a hint of spice, and of course, cream cheese icing. Are you drooling yet?  Yeah…me too.

Carrot Cake Cream Pies

What I love about these {besides the taste, of course} is that they really do have lots of good for you ingredients – whole wheat flour, organic rolled oats, organic carrots. I mean, they are practically a health food, right?  I made these for the first time last night.  My four year old son gobbled his up {they are the size of an oatmeal cream pie} and asked for another.  I declined. But, I did tell him I would send a second one in his lunchbox today. And, I did.  And you know what else? His school’s cafeteria lady called me this afternoon and asked for the recipe!

I was all like, of course! {Trying not to be too giddy that she wanted my healthy recipe}. Then, she told me she had to come clean.  She pinched a piece off from his carrot cake cream pie! She said, she thought they would make a good breakfast cookie at the school.  What a great idea!  So with the cream cheese icing = a great after school snack or lunchbox treat, without the cream cheese icing = breakfast cookie!  See, you’re going to love this little versatile cookie too. :)

carrot cake cream pie up close


I hope that you’ll give these a try and if you do, you’ll leave your comments here!  I’d love to hear how they turn out for you!


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  1. I’m going to try these ASAP but if you put your honey granules in a blender you can powder them and use in place of powder sugar no point compromising if you don’t have to!

  2. Michele p says:

    how yummy!

  3. These look amazing Denise! I must try them!

  4. I made these yesterday and my whole family loved them. My husband
    gobbled up his carrot cake cream pie just like your little one and immediately wanted another one too but decided he had better at least a couple of hours. ;)

    • Denisesawyer says:

      Yay! I am so glad your family liked them too Teresa! And, that is too funny about your husband.:) Thanks for taking the time to stop by and leave a comment. Hope you have a wonderful week!
      Denise Sawyer
      Wholesome Mommy

  5. Phil's mommy says:

    Hi im trying to make these tomorrow for my son step kids & husband & I was wondering how many this receipe makes ?

    • Denisesawyer says:

      Oh goodness! I’ve been sick and just now seeing this! I seem to remember it making about 10 to 12 big sandwiches {so 20-24 cookies before you ice them and sandwich them together}. They are big and filling like a Little Debbie Big Size!

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