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Cantaloupe & Vanilla Bean Jam

cantaloupe and vanilla bean jam

I recently ran across this unusual jam recipe in the Better Homes and Gardens Canning Magazine while I was on vacation and doing some “leisure” reading.  I am determined to conquer my fear of canning.  Of course I am exaggerating.  I have had some experience canning and preserving – but most of it was looking over my mom’s shoulder.  I’m channeling my inner toddler – I want to do this…all by myself.

So, I’ve been reading up picking out some recipes I want to try out.  You know the usual: finding the perfect dill pickle, making some unusual relishes from the bounty of my garden, and making a blue ribbon, show stopping, artisinal jam.  My husband thinks I’ve already found it.

cantaloupe jam

What makes this jam even cooler to me is that I met the lady who developed this one. As I was reading over the recipe in the magazine I realized I had the pleasure of meeting her, a fellow blogger, at a conference I recently attended in Philadelphia.  Marisa McClellan, is not just a food blogger but also a published cookbook author.  Her book, “Food in Jars: Preserving in Small Batches Year-Round,” has a lot of cool recipes I am dying to try. If there any where close to as good as this cantaloupe jam they’ll be out of this world.

I actually doubled the recipe to get 5 half pint jars – Here’s what I did:

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  1. Melanie says:

    Hmmmmm…. sounds intersting! Cantaloupe usually doesn’t last more than 5 minutes around my son by I may have to hide one or camouflage it or something so I can try this out!

  2. I discovered this pectin this year Pomona-s-Universal-Pectin unlike most pectins you can use sugar alternatives. I have used honey and agave nectar and it turned out good. Now it is not like eating jams that are made with sugar but I made strawberry and blackberry and it passed my family’s test.

  3. I was reading this recipe and noticed that you use a boiling water canner is that just a hot water bath or pressure cooker? Thanks for all the recipes and ideas. I have been trying to turn a leaf of being health and using less processed foods for my family also. At time it’s hard to get them to try new things. I don’t know about you but when trying to introduce new foods to my family sometimes it seems that it is rejected very easily but with the ideas that you have given it has helped me make it more interesting. It has helped my family as well. Adding information new adventures oh yeah and a little fun along the way. Thank you for all the work that you were doing and God bless you and your family in it journeys.

    • Denisesawyer says:

      Thank for the kind words, Sheryl! I appreciate it so much. I’m glad you are enjoying the posts.

      I am talking about a hot/boiling water bath. You put the jars in the boiling water – no pressure involved. Just make sure the water covers the jar completely.

  4. Patricia N. says:

    I have Marissa’s book and will be making this jam this week. Her recipes are wonderful, and I have been following her for many years. Now, thanks to Marissa, I know about your blog, too, and will be following. Thanks for reminding me how wonderful this jam is. Can’t wait to start discovering things on your blog, too.

  5. I made this (doubled as you did here) but it doesn’t seem to be gelling. Did yours take awhile to gel up?

    • Denisesawyer says:

      This jelly isn’t as “jelly-like” as some of the others I’ve tried. It is wobbly, not like sauce, but not thick. Does that make sense? It still works good on toast and biscuits though and it tastes wonderful.
      As far as it taking time, i stuck it in the fridge and it was great the very next day.
      Hope that helps

  6. Patrick Lawson says:

    Use the Low/No Sugar Pectin and you”ll find it sets just fine. It can be used with sugar with great results.

  7. I’m curious, when you add the cantaloupe to the pot, is it in chunks or puréed prior? I’ve made watermelon jelly, and I assumed with most “melon” jellies that you purée them prior to cooking it on the stove. I’ve very eager to try to try this recipe!

    • Denisesawyer says:

      No, I didn’t puree it. I chopped the cantaloupe very finely {the size isn’t really going to change much when you cook it, so you want to cut it up finely enough that it suits your taste – in other words as small as you’d like the pieces to be in a jam!}
      My husband adores this jam! If/when you do make it, I’d love for you to report back how it went!

  8. The recipe should call for 2 Tbsp of bottled lemon juice rather than 2 tsp as written above.


    This is a very yummy jam!

  9. Can you sub the liquid pectin?

  10. I bought the foods in jars Book a while back and it calls also for zest of 1 lemon which is not in your recipe .. Did you find it to be too lemony to include it in your recipe ? And she calls for 1 vanilla bean where you doubled it and still only used 1 bean … Thanks

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