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Back to School Clothes Shopping Video

Last week Judah and I went back to school shopping. Of course, we were not alone, I had 10 month old Eliana in tow as well. For a mama that has two littles along for clothing shopping – time matters. I need to get what I need and get out! I don’t want to take all day and I want to find what I need in the sizes I need – FAST!

That is just what occured last week at Walmart. Judah needed some school clothes to begin preschool this fall. Here in Georgia the weather is still smokin’ hot and likely it wil remain that way for some time.  So, I purchased lots of t-shirts and comfy athletic shorts for Judah to wear.  They’ll be easy for him to pull on and off himself (he is a big boy now – but at 3 1/2 hasn’t mastered buttons and zippers).  I also purchased a couple nicer pairs of pants.   He has a few from last season that still fit really well too.

I was surprised at some of the prices at Walmart.  We got some t-shirts for under $5 and polos for just over $5.  All in all I spent only $94.57 and was able to bring home 6 shirts, 3 pairs of shorts, a pair of khaki pants, a nice pair of jeans, a pack of undies, and a pack of socks. That is a lot of clothes AND they all mix and match – so they make lots of outfits! 😉

Check out what we picked out in my video here:

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  1. Love Walmart!! Great prices on back to school clothes!

  2. Thank you for posting the video. Walmart is certainly great for back to school clothing.

  3. Great video that really helped me and my partner. Great stuff


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