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August Real Food Menu Plan


So, I’ve gotten a bit of feedback from you guys that you like seeing my family’s menu plan.  Some of you have let me know that you are interested in links to the meals and that it helps to just see how I put things together to give you ideas.  So, I’ve decided to give you a month’s worth of menu plans.  Why, you ask…

Well, I’m pretty stocked up on groceries at the moment and I’ve set a goal to do a no-spend month during August for groceries.  I already know this won’t be a totally no spend month because I’ll have projects to complete for the blog that might require picking up an ingredient or two and I’m also setting aside just a bit of cash for farmer’s market finds – I just MUST have some fresh produce here and there while it is so abundantly in season.

So, I guess I shouldn’t call it a no spend month, but rather a no grocery store month. :)   I’m trying to spend as little as possible and that starts with staying OUT of the store!

step 2 find your recipes

So, I’ve inventoried my pantry, fridge, and freezers {the first step in monthly OR WEEKLY meal planning}.  Then, I sat down with my recipe binder, a few of my newest cookbooks that I’m anxious to take for a spin, a couple of new food magazines I’ve earmarked, and of course my pinterest page for main dishes.  I started scribbling out ideas as I ran across them, not in any order, just a messy list. Once I had lots of ideas, I started plugging things into my calendar.  I try to consider which days I’ll be short on time, which days I’ll have appointments, and which days I’ll just be plain ol’ pooped.  I plan something easy for those days and I always have a few extra quick ideas for unexpected crazy days that crop up.

This isn’t a “set in stone” menu.  Which means, if I’m just not feeling whatever I have planned, I can always grab something from another day and flip flop my plans around.  {Example, I might cook what I had planned on Wednesday, today and then cook what I had planned today on Wednesday}.

I don’t have links to all of the recipes since they are my recipes {and I haven’t posted them!}  I linked the ones I had and if you see one that isn’t linked that you’d like the recipe for, let me know!  I’ll work on getting it up first!

Meal plan


 In addition to this menu plan, I’ll be making a few things for lunchboxes and quick breakfasts.  I’ll be sharing those ideas in a separate post. ;)

Stay Tuned!

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  1. This is awesome! You’ve given me many ideas to work with. Thank you!!!

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