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Aldi… A GREAT Place for Holiday Baking on the Cheap! – GIVE AWAY CLOSED

The winner of the $25 Aldi Gift Certificate is Sandra Macmillan!  Congrats!  And thanks to everyone who entered!

Is there an Aldi in your neighborhood?  If there is and you haven’t gone, you should really check it out!  It is a no-frills grocery store that is going to help your bottom line this holiday season!  Aldi is known for their cheap prices and their warehouse-like displays.  The grocery cart will cost you a quarter (but don’t worry you get it back when you return it), there aren’t many employees, you bring your own bags (great for the environment!), or you can pay for some bags if you need to, and don’t expect to see a lot of name brands.

So, why do I recommend it?  Didn’t you hear me say it was CHEAP!?!  I mean real cheap!  And, for things that I need that I don’t have to have organic, this is a great place to shop.  I can get all the “other” stuff like fruits and veggies that are on the clean fifteen list and tons of great holiday baking items.

I just stopped in this week to see what I could find and I was able to get a lot of stuff for holiday baking!  It’s that time!  the weather is getting cooler and I can’t wait to start baking cookies!   I was get pecans (whole pecans!) for $2.89 – that is the cheapest I’ve seen around here – and I’ve been shopping around!  They also had tons of other items like cocoa powder, pure vanilla, and powdered and light brown sugar all great items to stock my pantry with and also items that I’m not brand loyal to!

Also, while I was there I checked out their “special buys.”  Each week they have some items that are considered special buys; they aren’t things they carry from week to week, thus making them “special.”  Depending on the season, you can expect different things like tools, gifts, small kitchen appliances, toys, furniture, all sorts of stuff!  I picked up a child’s sized grocery cart for Judah for around $7 and a little Thomas the Train.  He was thrilled!  You never know what kinds of terrific (and cheap) things you are going to find!

So, although they don’t carry everything I need (don’t expect to find organics here), it is a great place to grab some staples and stock up on the items I need for lots of holiday baking!   And, sometimes I can find a little bonus for me, my home, or Judah!  Want to see their prices and offering for baking?  Check out the flyer here.

Want To Check it Out for Yourself?

One lucky reader is going to win a $25 gift certificate to Aldi!

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  1. Susan Slayton says:

    I hope that I win the Aldi gift card!! I do A LOT of my shopping there!!

  2. Aldi is great! I didn’t know about it until I moved to FL a year ago. It’s a great place to find basic staples. BTW, I’ve found a few organic and even gluten-free items there, and all-natural stuff as well. You just have to look. But I wish there were Aldis in TX, since I plan to move back soon!

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