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A Simple Planter Makes a Statement on a Neglected Front Porch

bhg 2

I’ve been planting, watering, weeding, and LEARNING my little heart {and hands, legs, and BACK} off already this spring.  But, most of my efforts have been centered on growing food with organic methods.  My poor ol’ front porch was bare and not very inviting.  I finally have everything finished up in the back and now it just requires a little tending and watering.  So, I was able to focus some attention to the front yard.

To start things off, I CLEANED the front porch up a bit.  Then, I got my Better Homes and Gardens Planter that they so kindly sent me {which is what sparked my realization that my porch was such a wreck!} and called my momma.  Isn’t that what everybody does? No?  This HUGE, tall planter really through me for a loop.  I didn’t really know what to plant in it that wouldn’t get lost. My mama has an answer for everything!  She knew exactly what to do.

bhg flowers

You might not need a super green thumb mama around to answer your gardening questions…but I do.  It feels good to be honest. ;)   So, the next step was to rally the dirt lovin’ troops.  Okay, it isn’t required to gather a couple of dirty toddlers in their pajamas but it sure makes gardening fun!  {It also apparently drives the heat and air bill up – see my front door WIDE open!}.  Seriously…  Kids love to play in the dirt, why not let them help you with a small gardening project like something simple like this?

First, I gathered about 5 small cups of a ground cover plant that would grow all “viney” out of the sides of the pot – giving it some interest.  We planted them all around the outer edges so that as they grow they will grow down the sides of the pot.  Next, we planted this beautiful flowering plant in the middle – isn’t it cool how it perfectly matches the pot!?

Speaking of the pot, the planter looks like natural materials, but these are man-made look-alikes.  They are super light weight – my 4 year old can tote it around – and did.  In fact, since it took me a few days to find a moment to actually plant something in it, my kids thought it made a great place for hide and seek and a really super awesome club house to hang out in.  Pfft.  These planters are also MUCH less expensive than other options.  And, the best part?  They will not crack or fade!

I used an organic potting mix for the planting, but it isn’t necessary to use organic mix in a flowering plant you aren’t planning to eat.  My hubby brought this home for me when I asked him to stop for potting soil on his way home from work.  I guess I talk about organic a lot…he couldn’t help it, he’s been brain washed. :)

BHG door

The finished project turned out so cute!  I love it.  Now the post man, Fed Ex man, and UPS man will know someone DOES actually live here and we ARE civilized…regardless of what he/she may or may not have seen.  {What?  Don’t YOU answer the door in your pajamas with your hair standing straight up, with a dog and two children running after you?  No?}.

Now, if I can tackle just a few more projects on the front porch it might actually look like one of those homes on the front of the Better Homes and Gardens magazine covers.  Hey, a girl can dream, right?

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. I’m a participant in the Walmart Moms Program. Walmart has provided me with a product sample and compensation for my time and efforts in creating this post. Participation in this program is voluntary and the opinions stated above are entirely my own.


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  1. Paula Carter says:

    Beautiful!! And, yes, I do answer the door in my PJ’s with my hair sticking straight up. The only difference is, I have 3 dogs running after me and no children. ;-)

  2. Melanie Killingsworth says:

    I love it!!! My daughters have been helping us plant since they could toddle:) the red in the planter goes so great with the color of your house!

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