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A Real Food Education Party

real food party guests

A couple of weekends ago I hosted my first local Real Food party.  It was a blast.  I enjoyed sharing what I know about real food and hearing from two other ladies, Glenda and Susan, about stockpiling, food dehydration, and canning.

real food party food

To start the party, we enjoyed some wholesome party foods and lunch – tuna salad {made with Wild Planet sustainable albacore tuna}, pimento cheese, fresh baked baguette, a veggie tray, and some fresh fruit with fruit dip.  Of course, no southern party is complete without sweet tea.  We also had some wine available for those who wanted it.

more real food party guests

After plenty of visiting and catching up, we started the “business” part of the meeting with a scripture: the Proverbs 31 woman.  I felt that was very fitting since so much of the scripture is about being willing to do the work it takes – and although I enjoy sourcing quality ingredients and cooking for my family, it is still work.

speaking guest at real food party

There was so much good information shared.  Everyone came away with at least a handful of new ideas or new information…even me!  While I shared a bit about understanding labels on food and how to pick the best foods for your family, Glenda and Susan shared more about how to stockpile real foods {and which ones to stockpile}, and about the methods they use to stockpile, such as canning and dehydrating.  While I have been doing my share of canning this summer, dehydrating isn’t something I’ve done much of. But, after hearing Glenda talk about how she uses her dehydrator, I am getting excited to try a few things.

real food party swag

Each guest went home with a swag bag full of real food information and goodies as well as handouts from my session that they could refer back to once they got home.  Thanks to the awesome folks at Healthy Child Healthy World, my guests went home with organic food samples, green cleaning products, and lots of information and coupons.  And, thanks to the wonderful folks from Wild Planet, my guests each got to take home a few cans of sustainable tuna – a brand I highly recommend!  And, last but definitely not least, my guests got to take home a few coupons to try some of my favorite Stonyfield organic yogurt.

What was unique about this real food party is that the women were all close friends of mine.  Women who have been good friends, prayer warriors, and cheerleaders of mine the whole way.  The party came to a close with a prayer… for me!  I was so honored to have them pray over me.  It feels so good to have a group of women like this to stand behind me and stand in agreement with me to see my vision through.

I had so much fun and I can’t wait to do it all again – hopefully I’ll see some of you at my real food party soon!


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  1. I was inspired by your REAL food party and am having my own on January 25th. What information did you put inside the goodie bags? I’m doing this without any support and out of pocket. So, without going broke but giving people who have never heard of GMO free or have even tried organic, what ideas do you have for giveaways for gift bags?? Any other info would be helpful. My outline for the party is:
    ~GMO’s and the non-GMO Project
    ~Learn a bit on reading food labels
    ~Organic vs. Conventional Foods
    ~Eating healthy on a budget
    ~AND take home some recipes from my own kitchen.

    I’m going to be referencing your blog for eating healthy on a budget :)

    Thank you. Looking forward to your response or email.

    • Denisesawyer says:

      What a great idea Jennifer!
      If you have a Whole Foods or Earth Fare near by be sure to pick up coupon books, or free magazines that are helpful. I know ours has both coupon books and a magazine for where to find local farms, co-ops, and other foods.
      Sample sized things are good as well as things that are individually wrapped that you could split up. I wouldn’t worry about having a ton of things though. Just help them find resources. Think about what your favorite products are.
      Wholesome Mommy

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